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Add New Contact

You can add new contacts to your personal/clients contact list manually and in easy steps as follow:

• Select “New Contact” option from the main menu, and fill the fields in the window that appears as follows:

- Name: contact first name and surname.

- Country: select the country of residence for the added contact from the drop-down list.

- Mobile Number: type the contact recipient mobile number.

- Email: contact personal email address.

- Gender: select contact gender from the drop-down list (Male or Female).

- Work: select from the drop-down list the field of specialty and career for the added contact.

- Age Range: select from the age ranges available in the drop-down list.

- Salary: select from the ranges of salaries available in the drop-down list.

- Birthday: type the date of birth for the added contact (DD–MM-YYYY format).

- With Birthday Greeting (Checkbox): if selected, the system will automatically send a pre-defined Birthday Greeting message to this contact on his/her birth date.

- Interest: tick the personal interests of the added contact. Choose from the available options/checkboxes.

- Add To Groups: the system displays all the groups you defined for your contacts as options/checkboxes in which you may add and categorize the added contact to one or more of those groups.

- Add button: upon clicking this button, the system will save your contact information and add it to your contact database as part of the selected group.

- Reset button: to empty all above fields and start adding another new contact.

- Back button: to go back to SMS main page.

Tip: mandatory fields to be filled are the contact Country and Mobile Number, all other fields are optional but it is preferable to fill as much information as available and to be as specific as possible for better categorization of your contacts, easier reference to their information, and professional targeting upon sending SMS.