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Contacts Reports

CrownIT SMS system provides detailed delivery reports for any message you send via the system to help you follow it up. With a click of a button, you can get a full report showing the status of the sent message to every single mobile number it has been sent to.

• Select “Sent Messages” option from the main menu on the left.

• The system will display all the SMS that you have sent to your contacts.

• Click “Get Full Report” next to the message you wish to check its delivery status.

• The system will auto-generate a delivery report in excel sheet format (.xls file). Open the report file by clicking “Open” button, or click “Save” button to save it on your PC.

• The delivery report details that are displayed in the generated sheet are as follows:

- Mobile No.: message recipient cell phone number.

- CrownIT Status: message sending status from the system – if the SMS system has sent the message, status will be (Delivered), and if the message is still not sent or will be sent later on, CrownIT status will be (Pending).

- Mobile Status: recipient mobile delivery status – if the message is still pending and not received at the mobile number (Unknown), if successfully received (Delivered), or if failed to be received (Failed).

- Operator Status: messaging gateway sending status (Telecommunication Company) – if the gateway has broadcasted the message (Delivered) or if not, the status will be stated as (Pending).