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Getting Started

Upon the completion of your SMS package agreement with us, CrownIT will establish an SMS account for you with a Username and a Password and send it to you, in order to start using the SMS system to send bulk SMS for your contacts and clients as required.

Following the steps below, you can setup your SMS account and start sending the required SMS you need:

1. Complete your profile information: click here to learn more.

2. Define the groups related to your contacts: click here to learn more.

3. Add your contacts to the system and assign them to the related group(s) – by importing them from external file(s): click here to learn more.

4. Prepare the message template(s) that you may need as frequently sent texts: go to “Messages Templates” menu option, then click “Insert New Template” link.

5. After all above steps are set, you can start sending SMS any time to any contact(s) and/or group of contacts in the system: click here to learn more.

6. For sent messages, you can follow them up and get full detailed delivery report for each recipient and each sent bulk SMS in excel file format: go to “Sent Messages” menu option, and click “Get Fill Report” link of the required sent message.

Other Options:

1. You may from time to time need to manually add some new contacts to your client database: click here to learn more.


2. Edit/delete some contacts already added in the system: click here to learn more.

3. If you're a company, and wish to assign sending SMS tasks to several employees/users, you can define sub SMS accounts and sub users for each.