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Group Management
At CrownIT, our main focus is providing quality services that best suit all types of clients and SMS system users. Through our SMS system you can target your SMS recipients according to you own preferences and categorization criteria. You can gather your contacts into groups for easier reference to them any time you wish to send them an SMS with a simple push of a button.

As the purposes of the messages you wish to send via the SMS system may vary, you can categorize and group those messages recipients accordingly. For example, you can have your field workers grouped together so you can send them all any internal notification or project status update as one SMS with one push of a button, or you can group your company clients together as the sent messages to them may differ from those sent to your individual clients, or group your contacts according to their types of business, social criteria, interests, etc...

[1] To create a new group and add your contacts to it, follow the simple steps below:

• Select “New Group” option from the main menu on the left.

• Start defining your new group by filling the fields in the window/form that appears as below.

- Name: the name of the group. Try to make it as indicative to its purpose as possible.

- Description: a detailed description of the group (optional field).

- Search: filters to quickly search for the required contacts you wish to add to this new group. You can search for contacts by their Names, Phone Numbers, and/or Country. Upon specifying your search criteria, click “Go” button to filter the contacts and find them accordingly.

- Contacts List: a list of all your contacts on the system in which you may select the contacts (by ticking the contact checkbox) you wish to add to this group.

- Add button: upon clicking this button, the new group details and contacts will be saved and added to the system.

- Reset button: to empty all above fields and start adding another new group.

- Back button: to go back to SMS main page.

[2] To manage and edit any existing group, follow the simple steps below:

• Select “My Contacts” option from the main menu on the left.

• The system will display all your contacts, and all your groups. You can select the required group from the list, edit and change its details, or delete it, or edit its contacts.

• Click “Edit Group” button to edit the selected group, or “Delete Group” button to delete it from the system. Note that upon deleting a group, all its contacts will be deleted from your database as well.