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Import Contacts
Establishing your Client Data Base on the System

Once you have the required groups of contacts defined in the system, you can import all your contacts from an external file(s), assign them to a group, and have them added to your client database ready to start receiving SMS from you, in simple steps as follow:

• Select the type of the file where your contacts are listed, choose type from “Select Type” radio buttons.

• The system will automatically provide instructions in “Notes” section, regarding the details and formats of the imported data, supported file office version(s), mobile numbers format, etc…

• Before choosing and uploading the required file, make sure to prepare it in the correct format and details according to the instructions and notes given to you herein.

Note: you may download sample template files with sample data in correct settings and format, to help you prepare your contacts’ file correctly and easily. Click on the related file type icon to download its template.

- Select File: click “Choose File” or “Browse” button to browse and locate the external file for the imported contacts. Click “Open” in the open window that appears.

- Add to Group Radio Buttons: the system displays all the groups you defined for your contacts as radio buttons in which you may choose one to import the contacts inside the chosen file to it.

- Add New Group Checkbox: if you wish to import your contacts to a group that is not defined in the system yet, tick this checkbox to define and add a new contacts’ group.

• Insert group “Name”.

• Insert group “Description” (Optional Field).

• Click “Add” button to add this new group, or “Back” button to cancel new group addition.

• Upon successful addition of the new group, the system adds it to “Add to Group” section as automatically ticked group and ready for import process.

Note: if you choose to define/add a new group, make sure to add it before selecting the import file.

• Click “Add” button to start importing your contacts to the selected group.

• All your contacts will be automatically imported from the chosen external file to a confirmation table, in which you need to confirm their addition to the chosen group.

- Search button: if you wish to edit or delete any imported contact before confirming adding the contacts to the system, you may search for the required contact(s) then click “Edit” icon for the selected contact record. Choose search criteria first from the available radio buttons above search option (i.e. Search Contacts by: First Name, or Last Name, or Mobile No.).

- Add button: upon clicking this button, the system will save your contact information and add it to your contact database as part of the selected group.

- Back button: to go back to “Import Contacts” step to amend details or cancel operation.