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Sending Group SMS

With a push of a button, you will be able to send SMS via SMS.CrownIT interface to several contacts up to hundreds and thousands of recipients. You have the option to send to your pre-defined groups of contacts, individual and manually selected mobile numbers, as well as the ability to customize sending language, and message broadcasting time.

Check the steps and details below:

• Select “Send SMS” option from the main menu, and fill the fields in the window that appears as follows:

- Sender: the sender name that will appear to the recipients on the sent SMS, automatically filled as defined in your account profile.

- Groups: click “Groups” button to select a group of contacts as you defined already in your SMS account. Upon selecting the target group, your SMS will be automatically sent to all its contacts.

- Contacts: click “Contacts” button to select individual contacts as recipients of your SMS.

- Numbers: type manually any mobile number you wish to send your SMS to, if it is not defined as a contact in your client database.

- Choose Template (Checkbox): upon ticking the checkbox, you may choose a pre-defined message body from the drop-down list of the Templates you prepared – choose the required template name from the list. Upon selecting the required template, the system will automatically fill the SMS body with the template text.

- Language Radio buttons: CrownIT SMS system allows sending short messages either in English (up to 160 characters) or in Arabic (up to 70 characters). Upon selecting the required language, the system automatically sets the language and its text alignment.

- Body: you can either type the SMS body text manually or it can be auto-filled according to the template – if selected.

- Sending Time Radio buttons: “Now” option is selected by default in which the message will be immediately sent to all selected recipients upon clicking “Send” button.

Tip: If “Later On” radio buttons is selected, you have the option to send the message later at a pre-determined time (yyyy/mm/dd hh:mm:ss format). Upon clicking “Send” button, the system will save your message as pending queue, and will send it automatically to all its selected recipients at the specified time.

- Send button: once the above specifications are set for your message, click button to send it to all selected recipients.

- Reset button: to empty all above fields and start a new message setup.

- Back button: to go back to SMS main page.